What We Do

A full range of PR services

As public relations experts, our role is to identify how PR can best be harnessed to unlock the potential within an organisation and develop creative strategies to deliver tangible results.

At Firebird Public Relations, we offer a full range of PR services aimed at helping you identify your key messages and communicate them effectively to your target audience. We recognise that each client has different communication needs, and so we tailor our proposals and campaigns to suit your organisation.

Evaluation and measurement underpin all aspects of what we do, ensuring we provide a return on your investment and good value for money.

Media Relations

We are uniquely positioned to develop and deliver media relations which can play a key role in helping manage your reputation and nurture relationships with your stakeholders and audiences.

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Corporate Communications

We have in-depth knowledge of corporate communications which can help you be more strategic and focused, enabling you to engage better with your key audiences and empowering your staff to be more effective.

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Event Management

We have the know-how to organise and promote events of all kinds, from press conferences to public programmes, helping you raise awareness of your brand and organisation by inspiring and engaging existing or new audiences.

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Public Affairs

We are able to draw on our successful experience of lobbying government bodies on a range of causes, from the re-introduction of entry fees at nationally funded museums to the protection of Antarctica.

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We offer training based on years of practical experience, equipping you with the right skills and confidence to undertake your own PR and communication activities.

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